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About the MIE Guided Internship Program

Now in its 13th year (as of 2011), the MIE Guided Internship Program provides NEC students with a broad array of opportunities in education. From teaching in public schools, designing innovative and personalized music curricula, working with community partners, and assisting with national music-in-education research initiatives, the MIE Guided Internship Program prides itself on providing pre-professional teaching artists with guided, individualized experiences.

Held to rigorous standards for preparation and implementation, MIE Guided Interns have been awarded fellowships from organizations such as the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, NEC's Community Performances & Partnerships program, the Research Center for Learning Through Music, El Sistema USA, and the Music-in-Education National Consortium.

The MIE Guided Internship Program aims to provide equal access to high-quality music programs for youth throughout the greater Boston area, and instill in them the values of lifelong learning, skill development, and appreciation for music in a range of contexts and environments.

Please note: Other partners may be available in addition to those listed below. Contact faculty member Randy Wong at [email protected] for further information.

The MIE Guided Internship program is unique in that it allows NEC students a multitude of opportunities in the field of education. As the centerpiece of the MIE Concentration Program, Guided Internships are customized to tailor-fit the needs and goals of each student. There are three key components to any internship:

    1. Students identify needs (i.e. gain teaching experience or work in action-research), goals, guiding questions, and potential avenues (i.e. teach private lessons or classroom music theory) for their internship.
    2. Students work hand-in-hand with a mentor (often a classroom teacher, arts organization administrator, or MIE Faculty/Staff member) and receive on-the-job guidance and training.
    3. Students document their internship experience extensively through the use of process-based portfolios and other techniques of action-research.

Students are given a minimum of 15 hours (per semester) to work in the classroom or alternate teaching setting of their choice, and are paired with a Mentor whom in most cases is also a Teaching-Artist. Students are responsible for proposing their own internship plans, strategizing on the collection of data/documentation, and self-evaluation through the creation of a processfolio (Internship Portfolio). Students involved in the MIE Internship Program are most often concurrently enrolled in a MIE seminar/course at NEC, which helps to further scaffold the student's internship experience. Internships are non-paid and can range from teaching private lessons to classroom teaching, research work, or performance outreach. Because all Internships are supported by the Research Center, students who wish to pursue research-focused internships in the MIE Research Center, or for the MIE National Consortium, are encouraged to inquire with MIE Program Advisor Randy Wong.

2011-2012 Internship Opportunities