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About Music-In-Education at New England Conservatory

The Music-In-Education program supports New England Conservatory's core mission to prepare students as complete "artist-teacher-scholars" by enlisting studio, theory, history, technology, and music education faculty to prepare NEC students not only as better musicians, but as more effective teachers and missionaries for music in a wide range of educational contexts — skills that are now a part of virtually every musician's career in music.

Concentration Requirements

The MIE Concentration is open to any New England Conservatory student, regardless of program major or degree. The Concentration program is designed to work with cooperatively with curricular requirements for any student. This is made possible due to the fact that MIE courses can be taken for either zero or two credits, to account for credit limits in some degree programs. Additionally, MIE graduate courses are open to undergraduate enrollment via faculty petition, and vice versa.

To earn a Concentration in Music-In-Education, students must complete the following requirements:

The MIE Concentration program prides itself on its ability to provide individualized instruction for each program participant. Additionally, NEC students are welcome to enroll in any MIE course, regardless of whether they intend to pursue an MIE Concentration. More information about the MIE Guided Internsip Program can be found at

MIE Courses

Check back soon for a listing of current Music-in-Education courses.

Core Music-in-Education Faculty

The MIE Program at New England Conservatory is spearheaded by a team of four Conservatory faculty: Paul Burdick, Lyle Davidson, Larry Scripp, and Warren Senders.

Center for Music-In-Education Staff

The Center for Music-In-Education is currently staffed by Patrick Keppel, Randy Wong, Andrew Bisset, and a number of research interns.





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