The MusicLaunch Mosaic – Entry #2

It was so much better than last week. We agreed to divide the children up. Yen took the 3 younger ones and I took the 4 older ones. It was easier because I started to bring in some guidelines and boundaries for the kids to operate in. Now that I knew what the room, what the kids and the material that I had to teach was like.

Progress was made with the little details, like telling the kids to put their bells sticks down on the table and that they couldn’t play unless they were directed to play by the conductor. They responded well to my clear instructions and seemed to really love the order and structure of the lesson. I also taught them a few rehearsal etiquettes like not making noise while someone is talking and listening to one another really carefully.

I had to be careful with my accent to slow my speaking down so that the kids could understand what I was saying. I actually asked them to tell me if they couldn’t understand and a few times they put their hands up and asked me to repeat myself. That interaction was a good thing because it showed me that they were engaged and invested in the lesson.

I felt like the kids were trusting me a little bit more and I can sense that its going to get better each week from now on. I feel as if these kids really flourish within clear boundaries, and it makes it so much easier for me to teach them.

So yeah, we’re getting there. There was much more of an improvement than last week and the vibe in the room was a whole lot more positive!



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