MIE Concert: Program Order

Editor’s Note:  This is the 5th post in a long series with an inside view of the planning and production for our department’s first-ever intra-departmental MIE Concert!

Dear Performers/Directors/Composers,

Included below is the schedule for Wednesday’s program as we have it for now. We tried our best to accommodate any special requests that we received. Does the timing of this work out for everyone? Please let us know if there is anything that needs to be reconsidered.

Most of the performances are estimated at 10 minutes and I accounted for 2 minutes between pieces for transitions/the unexpected.

Order of Pieces

8-8:10 “The Rainstorm”
Valerie Thompson

8:12-8:22 “Barbara Allen”
1 American Version
2 Indian Raga
Warren Senders

8:24-8:34 “Harmonic Time: The Language of Rhythm and Music”
Jerry Leake

8:36-8:46 “Exploring Meta-Mapping Systems for Music: A Demonstration of CA-cophony”
Paul Burdick

8:48-8:52 “Barbara Allen” (arr. Robert Beaser)
Rob Flax and Devin Ulibarri

8:54-9:04 “The Faraway Nearby”
Nell Shaw-Cohen

9:06-9:16 “Renaissance Suite” (Order/Names of pieces)
Kirie based on “Mad” by Ne-Yo – Lyle Davidson
Domina Gaga – Devin Ulibarri (b. 1984)
Je suis déshéritée – Pierre Cardéac (fl. c.1530-1556)
Kirie from Missa Sine Nomine – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525-1594)

9:18-9:25 “Barbara Allen”
Darrel Whidden and Concert Choir

9:27-9:40 “Inverse Pachelbel”
I. Prelude
II. Inverse
III. Cups
IV. Bop
Larry Scripp and You!

Thank you,
Devin U.

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