The MIE Concert: From ‘Power Song’ to ‘Power Program”

Editor’s Note:  This is the 2nd post in a long series with an inside view of the planning and production for our department’s first-ever intra-departmental MIE Concert!

Planning for the MIE Concert continues. Devin Ulibarri, our MIE Graduate Assistant and also faculty at NEC MusicLaunch, shares the following:


To showcase MIE teaching artists in the context of MIE philosophies. Allows MIE
students to connect with an audience in the context of their rationale for MIE- one
can experiment in creating a concert that communicates music to an audience in a
unique way.

I also understand the need for MIE concentration students and the department as a
whole to express themselves through performance. I also hope that the department
can gain more exposure through performances, however it is imperative that this is
within the context of the MIE concepts and values.


  • MIE concentration students could collaborate – solo, chamber within their
    discipline, or chamber cross-disciplinary (CI+classical –personally, I think this
    is great, because MIE is the one place where all different backgrounds can come
    together and learn from one another so the process of collaboration itself would be
    a learning process)
  • MIE projects performed – A kick-ass version of a cups exercise, Pachelbel’s canon
  • MIE students perform (with or without teachers) – Students display what they
    have learned from internship
  • Between pieces and within the program, MIE students can detail their philosophies
    and their rationale for MIE
  • Experiments in audience contributions
  • MIE concentration composers may write pieces for event that reflect their
    rationale for MIE

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