An Ongoing Chronicle of Music's Evolving Role in Education
Larry Scripp

A Dialogic View of Music as an Agent for Change
Patrick Keppel

volume 1

i: yearning to connect: the enterprise of music and learning  

ii: from mentorship to empowerment: guided internships as entry points to music-in-education  

atlanta: georgia state university, the atlanta symphony, and atlanta public schools 

chicago: partnerships through the arts: northwestern university, the ravinia festival, and chicago public schools 

new york city: the metropolitan opera guild, mannes college of music, and new york city public schools

boston: new england conservatory's research center and guided internship program in greater boston area public schools 

iii: underlying principles for advancing music in changing times 

volume 2

interlude: Generative Principles for Music-in-Education Research
Larry Scripp and Arnold Aprill

iv: evolving models of inquiry, documentation, assessment, and research 

new ventures

New Ventures in Integrated Teaching and Learning: Working Toward a Model of General Symbolic Literacy Based on the Growing Understanding of Fundamental Literacy Skills Shared Between Music and Language in Grades K-2
Larry Scripp and David Reider

postlude: Evolving Forms of Music-in-Education Practices and Research in the Context of Arts-in-Education Reform: Implications for Schools that Choose Music as a Measure of Excellence and as a Strategy for Change
David Myers and Larry Scripp

Steve Seidel